Decolonial School is a college-wide initiative and collaboration between Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities + Sciences at California College of the Arts currently funding our first year by a curriculum grant. The founding cohort is comprised of Shylah Hamilton Pacheco, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Rivera, Rachel Berger, Rebekah Edwards, Susanne Cockrell, and Allison Smith.
The program is a CCA-funded, collaborative initiative from Design, Fine Arts, and Humanities + Sciences. It addresses CCA’s need for curricula that facilitate our diverse educational community as we become increasingly international and unified on one campus. Current critical and pedagogical work in decolonial praxis offers a framework capable of encompassing the breadth of local and global pressures—and possibilities—facing CCA. When looking through a decolonial frame, diversity and inclusion, English learning success, a unified campus, and sustainability are deeply intertwined categories, rooted in our colonial legacy and present. Decolonial scholarship is finding a platform in multiple academic and activist sites suggesting that institutions and communities are increasingly turning to these frameworks to address issues similar to the ones facing CCA.
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