Juan Carlos

aquí estamos / here we are

quí estamos / here we are is an online exhibition, an act of collective solidarity, regeneration and celebration between queer artists, based in Bay Area and in Puerto Rico, redefining the domestic space. Under the circumstances of the shelter-in-place in the Bay Area and the lockdown in Puerto Rico, the question of what a domestic space is, what it should be for and what it should do, has shifted. aquí estamos / here we are fosters conversations and collaborations amongst artists from two places that are home to joyful, persevering, and active communities. As queers of color, re-imagining our futures includes rejecting the past as “the normal” and questioning our own relationships with what is considered a domestic, private or safe space.

Once a week throughout June 2020, artists shared work through intimate online conversations and a virtual exhibition that took over Queer Cultural Center’s Instagram. Artists created work rethinking what a domestic space is and could be. At the end of June, all the artists gathered to have an open conversation with the show’s curator, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rivera, and independent curator, Natalia Viera Salgado, on how we reimagine collective futures from a domestic space.

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Participating Artists
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Awilda Rodríguez Lora
Pati Cruz
Cristobal Guerra Naranjo
Marcel Pardo Ariza